Meet our Trainers

Wil Fleming

Wil Fleming is the Owner and Director of Athlete Performance at Force Fitness and Performance in Bloomington, Indiana. His systems of athletic development have helped countless athletes achieve to their highest levels and have helped countless others on their journey to great performances.

Wil Fleming earned All-State honors in multiple sports while competing in high school. He went on to attend Indiana University to pursue track and field. His career culminated at the collegiate level with Wil earning All-American status in Track and Field. A graduate of Indiana University, Wil received his bachelor’s of science in Nutrition Science. Wil is certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist, as well as holding his credentials as a Youth Fitness Specialist from the International Youth Conditioning Association.

Wil’s experience as an athletic performance coach includes athletes of all ages and abilities, including those just starting their pursuit of athletic achievement , NCAA All-Americans, high school state champions, and Olympians.

“I am really excited about the systems we use and even more excited about the results that they continually produce. State champion, all state and even all world performances are dreams in many facilities, but at Force Fitness and Performance, this stuff actually happens.

Every time an athlete walks through the door to begin their first day, all I see is the potential they have to be the best athlete I have ever coached, and I am prepared to give them my best effort to ensure that is a reality. That is what drives me everyday”

– Wil Fleming

Matt Myers

Matt Myers is a Strength and Conditioning Coach at Force, with a focus on adult training, adult program design, and group metabolic training (aka “bootcamp”).  Matt has an “eye” for movement that allows him to quickly assess and correct, ensuring that clients are effectively and safely achieving their goals.  His positive attitude and attention to detail help clients get the most out of each session.

After receiving degrees from the University of North Carolina in Japanese and Physics, and teaching abroad in Japan for two years, Matt realized his true passion was helping others improve their quality of life through fitness.  He started training clients in Japan and hasn’t looked back.  Since then, he has received certification through the American College of Sports Medicine and CrossFit.  He continually seeks out new education and learning, and has been to specialty workshops on Kettlebells, Mobility, and MovNat.

After years of experimenting with different training modalities, programs, and regiments with varying success, he is proud to be a member of a Force Team that focuses on getting real results for people through safe, effective, and efficient training based on each person’s individual needs and goals.

“My mission is to help people move without pain, play without fear of injury, and live with vibrant health.  Training should not just produce great physical results, but confidence, perseverance, and respect for what our bodies are capable of.  As a coach, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing clients go through this transformative process.”

– Matt Myers

Matt one day hopes to become the next American Ninja Warrior.

Branden Price

Branden Price – I started my fitness training path in a different manner than most. I began training in martial arts when I was 9 years old and never looked back. I have spent my life training and perfecting my own personal skills and training others in how to best understand their bodies and how to best use them to accomplish their individual goals. When I first came to Force it was not as a trainer I began as a client hiding in the back of the boot camp room. I was tired of the same old gym routines that I had done over and over for years with the free weights and exercise equipment at local gyms, I needed a change. I soon found that change at Force. After day one I realized they were a cut above the rest and would be able to provide me with the tools to reach my personal fitness goals. I signed up on day one of my first metabolic class and never looked back. I quickly began seeing results in my body and my endurance and stamina levels which was two goals I was looking to improve upon. Soon after starting, I found myself also on the semi-personal training side doing Olympic lifts and building upon my explosive power and agility. But the thing that made the greatest impacted on me is how the Force trainers truly care about the members at Force. They are a giant family with everyone helping the other to best meet their fitness goals. It was for this reason I went from a client to a staff member because I wanted to take my skills and knowledge and help apply them to help clients reach their goals and find that missing piece that they feel has been missing. I found my missing piece at Force and joining this family has been the greatest decision of my life.

“You can do anything for 10 seconds of work. I mean after all it takes longer to make oatmeal in the microwave”

– Branden Price

Spencer Roloff
Spencer is our lead athletic development coach. He develops many of the programs that our young athletes use to improve speed, agility, strength, and performance. Spencer was a 4 year collegiate baseball player at Trinity Christian College, and a former athlete at Force Fitness. Spencer is also a nationally competitive Olympic weightlifter and one of the best young coaches in the country.
Derek Beumel
Derek is an exceptional young coach and graduate of Indiana University. A competitive bodybuilder and registered dietician, Derek is an expert in body transformation and strength training.
Matthew Boyan
Matt Boyan works with both athletes and adults at Force Fitness. A graduate of Indiana University, Matt is an extremely gifted coach at connecting to each client.


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